known as NADFAS The Arts Society was founded in 1968 by Patricia Fay.
it  is an arts-based
charity, with over 340 local Societies in the UK and Mainland Europe. It
has also three Societies in New Zealand and a sister association in
Australia (AADFAS). All Arts Society Societies subscribe to the aims and
objects of the National Association: the advancement of arts education and
appreciation and the preservation of our artistic heritage. The Arts Society
promotes these aims through lectures on the fine and decorative arts in their
widest sense, through study days, visits and tours and through volunteering
activities, such as Church Recorders, Heritage Volunteers and Young Arts and
the giving of grants. Volunteers learn new skills, while making friends and
benefiting the community at large. Young Arts Volunteers provide exciting
projects and activities aimed at fostering a love of the arts amongst the
young. At national and local level, The Arts Society also gives grants to
aspiring artists and craftsmen of the future.
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