Young Arts

We celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Arts Society with our Annual Vl Form Art Exhibition, this year at the Michaelhouse Centre. Cantab collaborated with Arts Society Granta in sponsoring and curating the Exhibition in association with the Cambridge Drawing Society.

The works are the creations of Art Students in their final A level year from 10 Cambridge Schools. Prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place with 2 special awards, the President's Cup, awarded by the Cambridge Drawing Society and the Pat Owens Prize.

Outstanding works are entered into the National Competition, developed by the Arts Society at the instigation of local Artist, James Horton, ex-President of the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA). If successful the work is displayed at the RBA Annual Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London and the students are awarded the title of RBA Scholar.

The Exhibition was held at the Michaelhouse Centre, Trinity Street, Cambridge from 2nd to 14th July, 8am - 5pm Mon- Sat.



This exhibition was followed by another in which Cantab and Granta are involved. "Artworks inspired by life's building blocks" was an exhibition featuring cutting edge scientific data communicated by engaging art. The Protein Data Bank in Europe (PDBe), The Art Society CANTAB and The Art Society GRANTA are working with local school art departments to create artworks inspired by life's building blocks. PDBe maintains a worldwide free database containing 140,000 3D shapes of biological molecules important for health research. The molecules are too small to see even with a normal microscope, and are very complex. In this project, PDBe scientists help students explore the database ( and ways of depicting molecules, using structure as inspiration for the artworks. The outcomes of this project are featured in this annual exhibition.