Registered Charity No. 1103509

Minutes of the Nineteenth Annual General Meeting of The Arts Society CANTAB

held on 

14th May 2018 at Long Road 6th Form College, Long Rd, Cambridge, CB2 8PX

Draft Minutes for the Nineteenth AGM for approval at the AGM 2019


Liz Tyszka, Wendy Walford & Laurie Holmes. In attendance 92 members, 2 guests & 2 new members = 96 in total.



These had been available on our website. There were no matters arising. Fiona Ewart proposed the acceptance of the Minutes and Dianne Heard seconded them, and the meeting carried them unanimously.



The move to Long Road had proved to be very successful. The venue costs had more than halved - enabling the society to provide refreshments & the room offering plenty of room for socializing. The society has high attendance as a proportion of the membership. Trevor thanked the committee for their support - in several different ways. Many members had approached him to comment on the great series of lectures that had been enjoyed. Fiona Ewart, supported by Dianne Heard had been responsible for arranging the speakers - and they were thanked. The society have four Heritage Volunteer groups working in rare book collections throughout the University. This has enhanced our reputation in the East Anglian Region. Along with GRANTA Cantab is sponsoring the Sixth Form Art Exhibition - this year held in Michaelhouse July 2nd - 14th. The prize giving [invitation only] is to be held on 4th July. Trevor thanked all members who had renewed their membership; our numbers have increased - but we would welcome more. Trevor wished all members a good summer - and looked forward to seeing them in September. Finally, Pamela Marcuson was presented with flowers - as thanks from the committee and membership for her work on the newsletter.


4. TREASURER: Ian Chamberlin

Ian circulated copies of the Accounts to the meeting. In the year ending March 2017 the society had a running cost loss of £3,240 - we were losing members and the venue [which had proved to be a disastrous choice] was very expensive. Since the move to Long Road & provision of refreshments the ambiance had improved - a fact commented on by many members. This has helped numbers - we have had the greatest increase in new members [in a season] for many a year. In the year ending March 2018 we still had a deficit -£942 - which at approx. 10% of reserves - would mean that we could continue for another 10 years!

The difference in subscriptions was due to some people joining later in the year and paying a proportion of the £45. We have had more visitors - some of whom have joined.

The donations to Young Arts had fallen - but this is due to the work of Liz Tyszka who has done a superb job of raising funds from other sources to continue the work that we initially sponsored. However, the committee had agreed to increase YA funding.


Question from the meeting:

1. How many members? - 138

2. Why had TASC not collected all the Gift Aid available? - Not all members fill in the GA form & Ian said that he tends to collect as many forms as he can - and submit them all at once.

To this end Ian asked the members to ensure that they filled in the GA section of the renewal form before they returned them.

The accounts had been independently audited and approved. The adoption of the accounts, was proposed by Alan Weeds, seconded by Angela Ashby- Johnson and passed by the meeting.



6. NOMINATION and ELECTION of the COMMITTEE for 2017/8

Trevor informed the meeting that the committee was happy to stay in post for the coming year. He asked the meeting for any further nominations - there were none. Alison Barr had agreed to join the committee and would help Liz Tyszka with Young Arts

The proposed Committee is:

Trevor Marcuson [Chair]

John Coombs [Membership]

Margaret Sanderson [Sec & Website]

Wendy Walford [Heritage]

Ian Chamberlain [Treasurer]

Dianne Heard [Programme]

Elfrida Heath [Visits]

Liz Tyszka [Young Arts]

Alison Barr [Young Arts]


Trevor thanked all committee members for agreeing to continue in their roles.

The motion to elect the Committee enbloc was proposed by Alan Weeds, seconded by Sally Broom and passed by the Members.

7. AOB


The meeting closed at 7.35pm & was followed by Paula Nuttall, Botticelli's Florence


Margaret Sanderson Honorary Secretary, The Arts Society Cantab. 15/5/18